The Purple Passport Experience '23

A New Compelling Way to Celebrate Pride

The Purple Passport Experience '23

ANNOUNCEMENT: '23 Purple Passport Experience Winner (24.11.2023)

The Winner 🥳

With 83 total votes, Lisa Praster gets awarded the 2,500 € 1st place prize from this year's sponsor Stryker! 🏆 Her work Untitled will go into Stryker’s private collection.  

We congratulate Lisa and all other 4 artists Bagua Jody, Eren Gedik, Fester Vogels, Flore Paumen who will each get a participation award of 500 € before 31 Dec '23.

Your work as well as your in-person contribution to the event is what made this edition unforgettable. Scroll down to see some moments from the launch event that caught our wonderful photographer Carmen’s eyes.

Winning Artwork by Lisa Praster
Purple Passport Experience '23 Participating Artists with Curator & Founder Oli Ulas Uygun.
Moments from the launch event of the Purple Passport Experience '23
Artist Bagua Jody discussing his work.
Artist Fester Vogels discussing their work
Mathieu Badard from Stryker Introducing the Exhibition During the Launch Event

The Selection Criteria

After the launch event that took place at Stryker's Amsterdam offices, the company sent out a poll to all of its Amsterdam-based employees containing information and visuals on each artwork on display. After 1 week of polling, Lisa Praster's work Untitled came on top.

Retrieval of the Artworks

Artist are encouraged to get in touch with Oli to set a date for the retrieval of the unsold artworks. Retrieval before new year's is possible any date till 15 Dec.

ANNOUNCEMENT: '23 Purple Passport Experience Open Call Results (30.10.2023)

The Selection

The following artists were selected to participate in this year’s exhibition: Bagua Jody, Eren Gedik, Fester Vogels, Flore Paumen, Lisa Praster.

 We have received a substantial number of applications for which we are more than grateful. We would like to thank all the artists who applied and we encourage them to apply in the coming years since each year’s edition has a different theme, sponsor and selection committee.

The Selection Criteria

The decision was made in agreement with this year’s sponsor company Stryker's SAFE committee to ensure a selection which reflects the wide range of voices that make up the culture scene in the Netherlands. Equal attention was paid to prioritizing works that strongly align with this year’s theme“work on oneself” across various criteria such as theme of choice, approach and medium diversity.

The Exhibition

The exhibition will open on Nov 9 at 13.00 with a private reception at STRYKER’s Amsterdam headquarters. Further instructions will be sent out to participating artists.

Information on this year's artists


Eren Gedik is an art director and a creative consultant born and raised in Istanbul. Grounded in media and communications studies, an artist residency in New York ignited his passion for visual storytelling.

Today, based in Amsterdam, he channels his creativity into freelance consulting, specializing in visual communication,creative and art direction, conceptual development, and set design. 


Flore Paumen is currently studying Illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and is mainly active as an artist and illustrator. In their art, they focus on people and their relationships with others and objects. They draw inspiration from daily life, the people around them and their own experiences.


Bagua Jody, Jody Martino Brinkman is a multifaceted artist, with a solid base in drawing and painting. In his art,Jody zealously explores the human body and the many layers and dimensions of identity. Trained as a conceptual fashion designer, he applies his perceptive and intuitive talents to both fashion and fine arts. His creative undertakings are broad, ranging from art direction, fashion magazine projects and brand and store concepts to life-size murals, paintings and drawings for commercial as well as private clients, including L’OFFICIEL Magazine, the Netherlands. He fuses his zest for life and art with an undeniable love for modern classic decadence with a rock and roll underlining.

Since his graduation from the Dutch Gerrit Rietveld Academy of visual arts in 2006, Jody has participated in numerous exhibitions and has created several ART X FASHION installations, LIVE ART and performance work, including presentations at the Mercedes-Benz International Fashion Week Amsterdam, Jakarta Fashion Week and multiple Art Fairs. Recently he has been working on a number of paintings, mostly for private collectors.


Lisa Praster (1993) is a documentary and fine art photographer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is a graduated photographer (2016: University of Photographic Design and Photography) and has a degree in Social Work.

Lisa's artistic journey has been shaped by a great passion for photography and a deep-rooted interest in social causes. Herwork, spanning documentary and fine art photography, offers an insight into pressing social issues while cherishing the beauty found in the simple moments of everyday life.

During her studies, she gravitated towards documentary photography, recognizing its potential as a powerful tool for advocating positive change. She found inspiration in social topics like gender equality and elderly welfare, and is now focusing her projects on very personal topics.


Fester Vogels is a contemporary figurative oil painter based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Their works are a means of exploration, reclaiming narratives and representation. They find it important to make visible what is often rather not seen especially regarding their transand non-binary identity. Festers painting often include your everyday childhood TV icons in a world of queer joy where they party, struggle and live. With this childhood symbolism they also want to rewrite their youth in a way where they,as well as other queer people actually play a role in it. Though oil painting is their main medium, they also incorporate sculpture and writing into their practice.

Fester Vogels graduated as a photographer specializing in analogue photography in 2019 and also studied fine arts at the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam.

What is the Purple Passport Experience?

The Purple Passport Experience is an art event created by and dedicated to underrepresented LGBTQI+ artists based in the Netherlands. As such, the mission of the event is to gain exposure and financial support for up and coming queer creatives. 

Born as an art exhibition during Pride Amsterdam in 2022, Purple Passport is now evolving into a platform that provides an authentic way of celebrating pride for ally organizations that are seeking to create tangible impact for queer communities.

The name Purple Passport is a playful reference to the "Pink Certificate", an infamous document often obtained through a traumatic physical checkup, proving one's exemption from Turkish military service on the grounds of homosexuality.

2023 Edition: Work on Oneself

This year's Purple Passport Experience is proudly supported by SAFE, an LGBTQI+ initiative within Stryker, a Fortune 500 med-tech company renowned for its commitment to representation and equal opportunities in the workplace.

Inspired by Stryker's decades long heritage in the medical space, this year's Purple Passport Experience will focus on the overarching theme of healing under the working title Work on Oneself. 

Healing is an oddly familiar yet complex process with each healing journey remaining unique to the person experiencing it and involving some degree of work on oneself, however big or small. Therapy, education, exercise, art... These are just a few of the practices we turn to when we want to work on ourselves. While each would make a fairly easy topic to talk about over lunch (as in my therapist says...), we rarely find ourselves publicly acknowledging the self-growth we achieve through them. 

Work on Oneself is inviting 5 queer artists to do exactly that. 


  • All LGBTQI+ artists based in the Netherlands are invited to apply. 
  • It's possible to apply with new or existing work. 
  • The works must be relate to the general themes of healing, self-growth, mental health, sense of self or identity. If you're not sure about whether or not the work you're applying with is related to the theme, simply include a brief description as to how you think it relates. We respect your artistic voice and unique expression and will make sure to examine each application with utmost attention and care. 
  • Painting, photography, textile, sculpture, mixed media, performance and print artists welcome to apply. Digital work and installations are welcome as well, however, we kindly ask you to provide detailed info on the size, weight, dimensions and display requirements of your work.
  • Artists are strongly encouraged to attend the opening event. Be sure to specify your availability on the opening date within your application.
  • Each participating artist is expected to exhibit 2-5 works, this can change under special circumstances such as a dedicated series of works. Simply specify the number of artworks you'd like to exhibit in the application form.
  • Applications close on 24.09.2023
  • You can apply using this form.
  • Please keep in mind that you will be exhibiting your works at your own risk. If you like to insure any of your participating artworks, you're more than welcome to do so. It would be, however, your responsibility to insure the works. We don't provide any insurance for the artworks featured in the exhibition. 
  • We will arrange and communicate specific dates for when you can deliver your artworks to the venue, we will then kindly ask you to transfer your artworks to the exhibition venue on the specified date and collect them from the venue at the end of the 1 month period in case they were not sold. In case of a sale, you're fully responsible for arranging the details of the sale and the sale process.


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