Miss A.’s Story

Portrait of a queer woman

Miss A.’s Story

Born into a pious Christian family in rural Netherlands, she says she did not have any problems regarding religion before she hit puberty. Her high school years, on the other hand, was a different story. Miss A. says she knew she was into women from very early on. And it did not take her too long to come out.When she fell in love with one of her classmates at the age of 16, she turned to her family. Everybody in the family was quite neutral to her coming out, except one person, her father.

"His first reaction was to quote the bible", she says.  

Her sexual orientation was found unacceptable by the father and their relationship never really recovered since then. Neither did her faith in religion.Upon finishing high school,Miss A. moved to Amsterdam to follow her dreams in athletics. Moving here was one of the best decisions of my life, she says. Even though I work two parttime jobs to accumulate a good deal of savings before I open my own sports centre, I wake up every day knowing that I am welcome here.

Miss A. asked me not to disclose her true identity. But I am free to share the portrait I drew of her. Her posture reflects her strong approach in life.

The apple she is depicted biting is a reference to her struggle with religion and her father (sex as a forbidden fruit is a common allegorical element found in Abrahamic religions).


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